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Snapshot Backups

Automatically backup and restore your website data on demand

Snapshot Backups & 30day Restore

Total piece of mind and completely free! Our Snapshot Backup service will automatically take daily backups of all your website data without you having to worry about doing it yourself.

With daily snapshots of your data stretching 30 days, you can easily restore your data from any point via your Host Control Panel.

Free with any of our new 100% SSD Hosting plans

* Snapshot Backups is FREE for SSD, Reseller and Premium Hosting Plan customers.


Snapshot Backups Key Features

Piece of mind for you and your business


Unlimited Backup Space

There is no limit on the amount of data you can back up with our Snapshot Backups service.


Anytime Restore

Easily restore your data anytime via your control panel, up to 30days in the past.


Fully Automated Backups

Once you have purchased the service, Snapshot Backups will automatically backup all of your data.

Secure your data today, for FREE! Order hosting with free Snapshot Backups today

Snapshot Backup FAQ

What data is backed up?

All site files, database(s) and mailboxes are backed up automatically. Please note in order to restore a mailbox you need to raise a support ticket via your control panel. Site files and databases can be restored via your Host Control Panel.

Are there any alternatives if I dont want this service?

Yes, you can manually backup your site files free of charge via your Host Control Panel if you wish.

Does this service cover multiple websites under my account?

No, this service is per website/plan. You would need to purchase this product for each website/plan you wish to benefit from the automated backup/restore facility.

Please note the Snapshot Backups service is free on our Pro, Reseller and Premium Hosting plans.

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