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Domain Privacy

Keeping your personal details safe

So what is Domain Privacy?

When you register a domain name you are required to provide genuine contact details that are then associated with that domain. This is referred to as WHOIS information. These details are then freely accessible to anyone looking up your domain name.

Unfortunately, this information is then regularly used by direct marketers, spammers and other third parties wanting to acquire your contact details. This in turn tends to lead to you seeing an increase in, junk mail, email spam, sales calls, and sometimes your personal details can be sold on to more 3rd parties.

For just £5.99 per year our Domain Privacy add-on will will protect your identity in the domain WHOIS databases by providing a generic contact called ‘identity-secured.com’. So instead of your address, phone number and your name being displayed, all they will see is identity-secured.com.

WHOIS Search Examples

Without Domain Privacy


  • Your name
Your address
  • Your postcode
Your telephone number
Your email address

With Domain Privacy


  • ContactPrivacy.com
  • 96 Mowat Ave
  • Toronto
  • M6K 3M1
  • Canada

Order Domain Privacy today for only £5.99 per year Order Domain Privacy today

Domain Privacy FAQ

How do I get WHOIS privacy?

If you’re buying a new domain name, you can add our WHOIS privacy during the order process. To add it to a domain that you already have with us, log in to your control panel and contact our support team.

Which domain names are eligible for domain privacy?

Domain Privacy can be applied to any of the following domain types: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz or .name.

Can people still contact me?

Yes! People can still contact you by completing the online form at www.identity-secured.com We will then securely and automatically forward the message to the contact email address registered to the domain name. At no time will the sender see any of your contact information.

Free UK WHOIS opt out

If you own a .co.uk, .org.uk or .me.uk domain name and you’re a non-trading individual, you can use our free ‘Opt out of WHOIS’ feature via your control panel and your contact details will automatically be removed from the UK domain WHOIS database at no cost. Please not if you are a business, its not possible to remove or hide your contact information from the UK domain WHOIS database.

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