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Web Hosting FAQ's

FAQ for our cloud hosting plans

Hosting General FAQ's

How many websites can I host per plan?

All of our cloud hosting plans are for 1 top level domain/website, you can add additional websites to sub domains or alternatively purchase one or our Premium, multi-site hosting plans.

Renewals & Cancellations

How do I renew my hosting with Pixel Internet?

You can renew your services via your control panel by selecting the ‘Billing’ section, any items due for renewal will be listed there.

Hosting accounts allowed to expire will be automatically disabled. A ‘hosting deactivated’ page will replace your website until the account is renewed.

Monthly paid services: If you are paying for your services on a monthly bases, we will automatically process your payment each month via your specified payment method. Should there be a issues with taking payment (credit card expired for example) we will contact you via support ticket to notify you of the issue (please note that during this time your services may be temporarily disabled). It is the customers responsibility to ensure the payment details provided are up-to-date and that there is sufficient funds available in order for the payment to be processed. Should you wish to change your payment details you can do so at anytime by manually renewing your services via the ‘Renew Services’ section from within your control panel.

How do I cancel my hosting with Pixel Internet?

In order to cancel a hosting plan, simply select the ‘Request Cancellation’ button on the relevant service page. You will be prompted to confirm all data has been backed up prior to proceeding. Please note, once the cancellation request has been sent, all related data (site files, emails, databases etc.) will be permanently removed from our servers.

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