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WordPress Finally Drops Support For Internet Explorer 6

As Microsoft continues encouraging people to stop using Internet Explorer 6, yet another high profile web service – the hugely popular WordPress – has now officially dropped support for the outdated internet browser.

IE6 has caused a huge amount of compatibility issues for numerous developers, designers and online services (not to mention security issues for users), but despite this nearly 12% of people round the World were still using the browser in April of 2011.

WordPress.com announced an end to IE6 support earlier last week, with a spokesman telling the press that it was down to “increasingly complicated coding to make the WP dashboard work with IE6”.

WordPress users running IE6 will still be able to log into their WordPress dashboard, although they’ll now be greeted with a message warning them to update their browser:

The dropping of IE6 compatibility will be included in the next WordPress update (WordPress 3.2), which is expected to be fully rolled out sometime next month.

On top of the end to IE6 support, the new WordPress update will feature an improved, redesigned dashboard as well as a new ‘distraction-free’ writing mode. You can find out more about the 3.2 update via the WordPress.com website, or by downloading the 3.2 beta version now.


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