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Windows worm hits over 9 million PCs in past week

Security experts have recently reported that over 9 million computers around the world have been infected by a Windows worm. The virus is only said to attack Windows machines but it also reported to be very lethal. The virus particularly zones in on network which are not protected and poor passwords.

The worm which has been dubbed, Conficker, Downadup or Kido spreads via vulnerability that Microsoft patched in October 2008. Once the virus is on a machine it sets up an HTTP server and resets a machines System retore point to stop the administrator of the machine deleting it.

The worm contains the usual Trojan package that allows the controller to download new files from their own server. But in an unusual twist the malware generates hundreds of seemingly random domain locations to scan for various updates.

According to F-Secure servers in the US and Europe have had the fewest amount of infections due to the regular updating by the IT administrators. China, Brazil and Russia and been hit the hardest.


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