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Why You Should Consider Domain Privacy

When you register a website domain, the personal information you fill out (often including name, address, contact email and phone number) is then made publicly viewable via the WHOIS information available on all domains. Performing a WHOIS lookup is very simple, and will reveal the personal information of whoever registered the website.

This information is made available for a few simple reasons; if you publish a website containing illegal material, or a website encouraging terrorism or similar anti-social behaviour, then the police (or relevant authority) will use the WHOIS information to locate the individual responsible for publishing the content. There’s also the simple (and far less nefarious) situation of someone simply wanting to get in touch with the owner of a website to request a link, a content swap, etc.

However, in recent times, hackers, spammers and identity thieves have been using this information to aid their illegal activities, potentially putting you at risk (at least easily placing your name on spam email lists).

As a result, domain WHOIS privacy – which is available via Pixel Internet – has become increasingly popular in recent times. This simple add-on will remove all your personal information from the WHOIS registration page, ensuring it’s no longer viewable via a WHOIS lookup. Not only will this simple add-on help keep you (and your domain) protected from hackers and identity thieves, but can dramatically reduce the amount of spam you receive almost immediately.

If you’d like to add domain WHOIS privacy to your website, get in touch with Pixel Internet to discuss including the add-on in your hosting package.


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