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Here at Pixel Internet we like to keep on the pulse of good web design. To look back at the web ten or so years ago is always amusing yet some things have remained constant through out the years of the web and they are namely the principals of what makes a site easy to use. We like to think that the Pixel site is user friendly and is easy to navigate but it is not easy to construct a site to suit everyone! Recent research has indicated that roughly 80% of things found ten years ago are still an issue today. Some of those issues have disappeared slightly because users have changed and 10% have changed because technology has changed. 
Some design crimes such as intro screens that simply get between the user and the core content of the site and web designers indulging in their artistic urges rather than usability have almost completely disappeared.

Usability and ease of site use are as important as ever these days and in order for a site to succeed you must adhere to the demands of the user at all times! In the grand scheme of things the net has not changed as much as people thought it would and things like usability are still as important as ever. If you make your site complicated and hard to use you could loose out on potential business! 


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