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Web Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2011

There were numerous popular web design trends in 2010, and many of those (as well as a few new ones) are expected to continue enjoying a high level of popularity in 2011.

So, to help those web designers looking to stay ahead of the game this year, here are what we think will be popular web design trends in 2011:

1. HTML 5

Almost guaranteed to be a big trend this year, HTML 5 has seen a huge amount of publicity recently (and was just granted its very own logo by the W3C) and will see a continued rise in usage throughout the year as more and more web designers learn the benefits of the language.

2. Minimal Websites

A trend that grew in popularity last year; minimal, un-cluttered websites are becoming more and more common. They’re easy to navigate, very focused and direct and from what many people have been saying, tend to convert at a higher level. We’d expect this trend to continue throughout 2011, so keep your eyes peeled for increasing numbers of minimal, striking websites.

3. Typography

Typography has always been an important and popular element of design in general, but last year saw the relationship between website design and selected typography become more pertinent, as the top web designers demonstrated how well it could be done. 2011 will be no different, and we reckon you’ll see a far wider selection of custom fonts, particularly in relation to website design.

Also worth keeping your eye out for in 2011 would be social media integration (which saw a huge boom last year) and a continued improvement in mobile browsing and mobile versions of websites, which we think will become far more innovative.


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