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Using Iconography To Improve Conversions

Whether you’re a website owner or a web designer, conversion optimisation (the ongoing alterations made to your website in order to increase trackable conversions, i.e. sales, enquiries, sign-ups, etc) should be a pertinent consideration.

There are numerous different elements of conversion optimisation, from changing website copy and imagery to altering internal navigation and contact methods, but one particular area now thought to have a positive correlation with conversions is the use of iconography.

Dominoes Pizza, who are always on the ball when it comes to online marketing and social media, have spent a huge amount of time recently looking into the pragmatics of iconography, and how visual imagery could be utilised to improve both conversions and viewer enjoyment of the website.
The result of their research has been a signifcant alteration to the way users fill out their personal information after a pizza purchase, which is necessary in order for the company to deliver the pizza. They removed the traditional online form, and replaced it with icons – the result is an easier, simpler and much faster experience for the user:

Although we don’t have access to Dominoes conversion metrics and can only speculate, I would image this has had a positive impact on both user opinion of their site and overall conversions.

A similar principle could be applied to the rest of your website in order to achieve a similar effect; you could replace conventional (and albeit search engine friendly) text navigation with imagery or iconography. This not only has the benefit of being quickly recognisable to the user and improving ease of use, but it helps to remove any user language barrier, as imagery can typically be universally understood.

Try including iconography in your conversion optimisation campaigns and see if it makes a difference for you, I suspect you might well see a positive impact on your metrics.


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