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United States To Build Online ‘Cyber Range’

As technology permeates our everyday lives more and more, so in turn we rely on it more. We’re getting towards the stage where we cannot live without it, and even being without the internet today can seem like a huge inconvenience.

However, as more and more people get online and with an ever wider variety of devices, the amount of people looking to take advantage of them increases. In the past few years there have been an unprecedented amount of high profile hacking cases, ranging from Lulzsec taking hacking requests via Twitter to forged security certificates mentioned in one of the last posts, it’s a constant game of cat and mouse.

It’s a concern that is shared by the US government with the amount of highly sensitive data that they hold globally, as highlighted by some facts that came to light recently. In a bid to keep ahead of the game the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency, the tech arm of the US government, is creating a huge virtual environment as a cyber weapon testing range. This massive creation will simulate a complete virtual world, populated with virtual people like network managers and sys admins, and will host epic cyber battles to test the latest programs (The Matrix anyone?). It has also been rumoured that they have been trying to recruit the best hacking minds around to do battle with to try and get as much real world experience as possible.

A cool $10 million has been given to Lockheed Martin to build the latest section of the project, named ‘Phase B II’, but exactly what it entails will likely never be known. It’s probably fair to assume that as well as testing programs to improve safety this system will be used for R&D to develop offences as well, which is where more and more silent wars of the future will be fought.



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