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Twitter Scam Uses Goo.gl URL Shortner To Spread Virus

A new Twitter security weakness has been exposed today, in the form of Google’s own URL shortner, Goo.gl. Twitter think this happened through accounts being phished and then used to push out the fast spreading worm. This then infects the Goo.gl shortner and hijacks the redirection service, sending people to a domain with ‘m28sx.html’ included. This has been linked with fake antivirus software downloads and malicious software in the past.

This is the second occurance of this Goo.gl worm, the other coming in early December last year. This highlights the ease with which add ons to social media sites, developed by third parties, can be tampered with. This is already a big problem as they are mainly free serivces and used by millions of people on any one day, and are set to become more popular. Obviously if you see any of these coming from your own account then you should change your password immediately.

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