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Top tips for making your landing page somewhere to stay!

There are so many aspects of web design that you need to get right – keeping your branding consistent and recognisable, making it intuitive, making it responsive – but arguably the most important part of all is your landing pages. It’s true that some users may well visit another section of your website first, but for many people, the landing page is their first port of call. So it makes sense for it to be in tip top condition.

There is a real temptation to use your homepage to shout about all the amazing things that you do, to show everyone everything all at once so they don’t miss out and you don’t miss out on a potential order, but trends are moving away from a busy homepage in favour of a much more streamlined appearance. Here are three key areas to consider.


The trends for 2016 are monochrome and grey. Now, how dull does that sound? But teamed with accent colours, it’s actually a very subtle and attractive palette to make key information stand out. Ensure that you are working within your branding guidelines – there’s no point having a beautiful website that no-one realises is yours. Monochrome – different shades of the same colour – gives a beautifully fluid feel to your site, while a grey background punctuated with bold swathes of your colours is incredibly chic. Many web design resources will have a selection of themes to choose from that will do this for you.

Images and text

Choose your images carefully. The fashion for a ‘shop window’ style landing page is drifting away in favour of large, clear, artistic images. You want to use your images, teamed with your colours as above, to entice visitors to your site and make them want to stay. The amount of text on a landing page is also decreasing. Aspirational points and keywords, highlighted in accent colours, are very much on trend.


In keeping with the streamlined design, navigation is getting simpler. Long menu bars are less common than they used to be – instead, mega menus that appear when you hover or tap on an option are becoming the norm, along with a prominent search feature.

Woman laptop by tinafranklindg licensed under Creative commons 4


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