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Top Digital Marketing Ideas Of 2010

Advertising on digital platforms has now grown into the number one market, recently overtaking television advertising spend for the very first time. This fundamental shift means that each year, companies put more and more effort into conceiving interesting campaigns in order to stay ahead of the competition. This year has been no exception, with a wealth of innovative new marketing ideas. Lots of these are undertaken on one of the many new platforms that appear all the time, so are very different year on year. Here is a little roundup of some of the best and most popular of 2010:

– Old Spice Videos
This surely must be one of the miracles of the year. Old Spice had largely been seen as a joke of a brand for most of the past decade. Now, thanks to an excellent interactive YouTube campaign by Wielden & Kennedy they are back near the top of the market. The videos featured ‘Isaiah Mustafa’ answering viewers questions, with the tagline ‘Smell like a man, man’. They ended up shooting nearly 200 videos in all, and attracting a lot of celebrity attention.

– Bar Code Apps
The advances in smartphone technology, combined with the explosion in mobile apps enabled this idea to come to fruition. With a certain app from Stickybits you can scan barcodes with your smartphone, opening up a new world of opportunities for the marketers. This led to a raft of ideas, including collecting ‘karma points’ for discounts, reviews, pictures and other free gifts. The genius part of this idea is that it can use current barcodes, as well as new ones, so has now become a ‘crowdsourcing’ review system as well.

– Chatroulette
One of the more popular new sites to emerge this year, Chatroulette automatically connects you with random strangers for a video chat. The results can be very unexpected, to say the least. It wasn’t long until the idea was exploited by cunning marketers. One of the most popular examples was by travel firm Travelocity, who put a garden gnome up for a day holding different slogans including ‘Awesome things: 1) Tahoe this weekend. 2) Traveling instead of chatting.’ There are many other funny ideas here but many of them, as with Chatroulette, are NSFW.

– Captcha Advertising
An amazingly simple modification to the traditional spam filter, this replaces the ‘code’ with an advert and gets you to reproduce a part of it in the same manner as always. A very simple change and a very clever idea.

– Personalised Video
In a ground breaking collaboration, The Arcade Fire teamed up with Google to create a personalised video experience for their viewers. This involved typing your postcode of your childhood home at the start of the video. Depending on the availability of the mapping, Google will then personalise your viewing of the video with images from the area, in a bid to match the song’s theme of the ending of childhood.


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