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The World’s Most Amazing Data Centres

Data centres might not seem like very exciting places. They hold the banks of servers that power many of the big and small sites around the world, and apart from keeping them safe, powered and up and running, there’s not much too them, right? Well, the growing demand for these centres, and the incredibly valuable nature of what they store means that some companies have gone to extraordinary levels to create secure and innovative facilities. Below is a list of some of the newest, most eco friendly and downright amazing datacentres around the world.

1. Clumeq, Quebec, Canada
This supercomputer and data centre facility is part of the combined HPC (high powered computing) installation for the Université du Québec, McGill University and Université Laval. What makes it special is that it’s inside a converted particle accelerator building, and is housed over three floors of the cylindrical building.

Photo courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/nicolasroberge

2. Pionen Data Centre, Stockholm, Sweden
Probably the best know ‘cool’ datacentre in the world, it is housed in a cold war era nuclear bunker several hundred feet underneath Stockholm. This complete complex features lots of server space, two backup generators taken from submarines, a huge 700 gallon fish tank (and cooling reservoir), a fake waterfall and greenhouses to provide plants and flowers for the rest of the office. In what could be a very dull and opressive place they have created an amazing ‘bond villan’ style datacentre, perfect for your secret files!

Photo courtesy of http://www.lindmanphotography.com/

3. Citi Data Centre, Frankfurt, Germany
This is the newest building on the list, and a winner on the eco front. Built with green walls to help cooling, it also has a solar panel roof and generates a good contribution towards to the running of the centre. This is aided by virtualisation within the servers helping to maximise efficiency, and makes use of both fresh air and reverse osmosis cooling. The combination of all of this saves millions of gallons of water, cuts bills by around 30%, and has also seen them receive the highest energy rating ever, platinum.

Photo courtesy of http://www.arup.com

4. Iron Mountain, Philidelphia, USA
Another subterranean one here, this time built in an old limesone mine 220ft underground. Here they harness the natural cooling power of the rock, with the limestone used as a heat sink. The servers are recessed into the rock, with the hot air circulated and removed above. The cooling is further helped by a underground lake nearby, which is utilised throughout the 145 acre site. The result of all of this is a very efficient datacentre, and one that is shielded from almsost anything that can be thrown at it, especially since it has it’s own fire team!

Photo courtesy of www.wired.com


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