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The Lego Apocolypse

We’re pretty big fans of Lego as it is – I have numerous fond memories of building everything from a Millenium Falcon to the A-Team van when I was a kid (as well as my dad screaming in annoyance whenever he stepped on a piece) – but now they seem just that little bit cooler with the Lego Zombie Apocolypse set.

Unfortunately these aren’t an official Lego release, so they can’t be purchased from any store. What they are is a clever bit of creativity from Lego master Andrew Becraft, who modified these lego vehicles and character to represent a zombie apocolypse. Check out his Flickr set here.

This isn’t the first time he’s put Lego and zombies together, as you can see with his Zombie Apocafest, which he put together in 2008:


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