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The Flash approach to SEO?

Recently we have discovered that Flash is becoming just as powerful through search engines as html code. Search engine optimization is the one of the most popular subjects when Flash is current in conversation. Does google index my swf file? There are normally three answers to this recurrent question, ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’. Each person will give you a different explanation as to why they think that flash content is indexed or why it isn’t. 

However, through our experience working with search engine optimization we have noticed that more and more flash files are becoming more powerful with search engine results. We have run numerous experiments on flash sites and content on the site normally gets cached within Google which is great. Yet there is one area that remains vague for flash and SEO and that is whether Google has the power to index each frame within a swf file. If you know flash then you will know that building a site on the program will require you to use separate frames. On each frame there is content. Does Google have the algorithmic power to index each frame? 

Usually we have noted that Flash sites which are spread across numerous html pages are more powerful because it is not asking Google to explore the depths of the swf file. This is only our opinion of course, what do you think??


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