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The Era of Twitter

It was originally established as a communication tool for geeks and now counts show-business stars and the American President among its users. The popularity of Twitter has grown considerably over the last six months and the ‘micro blogging’ service increase by nearly 1,000% percent among UK users alone. Latest figures from a statistics report show that a 974% increase in traffic, jolting Twitter from the 2,953rd most popular site among UK users to the 291st most visited by mid-January.

Twitter has been voted as the follow up site to Facebook. The Twitter site allows users to post short updates about what they are doing. Established as the preferred communication tool for members of the tech community, the service has now entered the mainstream as a form of instant news alert and marketing technique.

Even Jonathan Ross, the disgraced BBC presenter, has been using the service to chat with fans during his enforced absence from the BBC. Many celebrities use the website to communicate with fans and the site will definitely be growing even more over the next year.


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