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The Best Social Media Plugins For WordPress

It’s all well and good putting huge amount of efforts into your content and your blog posts, but if nobody’s seeing or sharing that content, then all that hard work could have been for nothing.

Fortunately, if you’re a WordPress user then you don’t need to be an expert with coding or programming to add some social elements to your website; there are a whole host of plugins available with a range of different applications and functionality.

To save you the time of trawling through the seemingly infinite list of WordPress plugins looking for the right one for your website, we’ve put together brief list of some of the best social media plugins available for WordPress:

1. Sexy Bookmarks

Sexy Bookmarks is one of the most exhaustive social media plugins available, with an extremely large number of social networking platforms available for inclusion at the top or bottom of your blog posts. If you’re looking to offer your readers as wide a range of options as possible when it comes to sharing your content, then Sexy Bookmarks should certainly be one of the first plugins you install.

2. Smart Sharing

Smart Sharing is one of my personal favourite social media plugins; whilst it doesn’t have the variety of platforms available via the Sexy Bookmarks plugin, Smart Sharing gives you a social sharing box (pictured above) that scrolls down the left hand side of your blog post with the user. This means the social media options are always available to the reader, rather than just at the top or bottom of the post; resulting in a higher conversion rate (in terms of reader clicks) and increased social sharing metrics.

3. WP Greet Box

WP Greet Box (as you may well have gathered from the name) provides a greeting box to visitors to your blog, post, page or website. What makes the plugin special is that the displayed greeting changes depending on the website that referred the visitor – for example. if you visitor comes to your website via Twitter, then the plugin will display a tailored greeting for Twitter users, as well as offering the reader the option to share the content via whichever platform referred them (see the image above for the Twitter example). What’s great about this is it provides a direct call to action to the reader, which is known to improve conversion rates and should help you get your content out there much more effectively (particularly when combined with other social media plugins such as Sexy Bookmarks or Smart Sharing).

4. Active Share

Active Share is another of my own personal favourites, as it provides an effective call to action for readers who have taken the time to read your blog post. Active Share provides a Javascript drop-down box with social media sharing options – the box drops down as readers reach the end of a post, giving a clear call to action at the perfect time. Whilst Active Share may not offer the same volume of platforms as something like Sexy Bookmarks, it boasts the major platforms, provides a clear call to action and looks particularly impressive (compared to other social media plugins).

There are plenty more social media plugins available for WordPress – a quick search via the plugin section of your WP dashboard will reveal hundreds of options – but these four are the ones I’ve personally found to be most effective (in terms of design, functionality and conversions).

Do you have use a great social media plugin that we’ve missed in this list? Let us know in the comments below!


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