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Static and Shared IP Web Hosting

IP address is an important term associated with web hosting. Two types of IP addresses are shared and static IP addresses.You have a better understanding of these terms only after you have appreciated the actual meaning of IP addresses.

Basically, IP address is used to address all the sites of the internet.Instead of typing the url, typing the IP address will lead you to different sites.Four discreet block of numbers which are separated by periods constitute an IP address.A few examples of IP addresses are and

However specific IP addresses are not allotted to all websites.There is a chance of there being no IP addresses to be used for websites in the future if all sites were to be allocated different IP addresses today.You can thus find many sites on servers using a single IP address for numerous sites.

When two websites share the same IP addresses, we have a shared IP address.A person looking for the first website of the IP address reaches the server wherein the server sends the required page to the person on realizing which website the person is looking for.

Sites that have its own IP address, and do not share it with anyone else, have a static IP address in the web hosting world.To reach a website with a static IP address, all you require is its IP address.

On the contrary, sites that have a shared IP address cannot be reached by just typing in the IP address.You need to mention the domain name of the website you are looking for so that the server can direct you to the website you want.It is however better to use web hosts offering static IP addresses if you require more security for your website.


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