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Social Payment – Pay With A Tweet

Social media’s commercial importance is being more and more recognised by big companies and small businesses alike; with a growing value being placed on an individual’s social network, techniques to leverage this value are becoming increasingly relevant.

Pay with a Tweet‘ is being classed as the first ‘social payment system’, allowing users to purchase a single product by tweeting about the brand.

This is an extremely versatile tool and can be used to engage with your target audience through one of their primary mediums. The theory is that everytime someone tweets out about your product, company or brand, that tweet reaches their entire social network. If your product is of a real-world value or has an inherent appeal, it will lead more people to follow the thread and convert using the same method. This would potentially allow you to reach a considerable number of people via social networking, with a percentage of those people turning into website traffic.

Potential uses for the system include:

-Giving away a small product for free
-Giving discount or promotional codes
-Downloading an ebook
-Downloading a new single release for a band
-Download a music video or latest viral advert
-Access to a free article
-Access to a special page on your website

There are numerous potential applications for the system, making it suitable for practically any type of business.

The ‘pay with a tweet’ system is free to use and you can get it on your website very quickly and easily. The website contains customisation steps, where you can edit the button, exit landing page, tweet to be sent out and required information. The site will then generate a html code for you to copy and paste into your website / content management system.

I can imagine this to be the beginning of a wave of ‘social payment’ options, with Twitter and Facebook being a primary focus for the forseeable future.


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