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Social media guides: making your business more accessible using Facebook

Nowadays, the vast majority of businesses understand that it’s vital to have a Facebook page. Social media has never been more powerful, and Facebook is the king of social media websites. However, not every business uses its Facebook page as effectively as it could. The website has the power to make your business more accessible (and therefore more popular), but only if you use it correctly. That’s why we’ve assembled one of our straightforward social media guides: by following the steps below, you can use Facebook to make your business accessible and welcoming to web users from all demographics.

Step 1: add fresh content regularly

If you don’t continually add fresh content, viewers will have no reason to return to your page regularly, so they won’t become invested in your brand. What’s more, failing to engage with social media regularly can make your business seem a little out-of-touch and aloof, which can actively deter prospective customers. Simply by adding content to your Facebook page regularly, you can ensure that your business seems more relevant and engaging to customers.

Step 2: interact with the community

Facebook is all about communication, so communicate! Interacting with the Facebook community by answering questions and starting conversation shows that your business cares about its customers. This makes it seem more personal and less remote, which means consumers are more likely to see you as a business they can approach and use.

Step 3: be helpful

You can use your Facebook page to provide content that consumers will find useful, such as hints and tips on areas related to your business. You should also actively encourage customers to ask you anything they want to know about your business. This will reinforce the idea that you’re on the same wave-length as your customers and that you are always happy to engage with them.

Step 4: talk about issues that the online community care about

While you should try to relate your Facebook posts back to your business wherever possible, it is acceptable to go slightly off-topic once in a while. You can weigh in on issues that the Facebook community considers important or share news stories that your consumer-base might be interested in order to show that you care about the same things that they do, thereby humanising your business more and making it more approachable.

Step 5: be slightly informal

Facebook is a more informal online environment than your main website. You can use this to your advantage. While you shouldn’t go overboard, using a bit of informal language can make your business seem more relatable and accessible.

Facebook is a powerful tool for making your business accessible to customers who may not usually consider approaching you. Here at Pixel Internet, we want to empower you to make the most of this tool. If you follow the above guide, you’ll find that Facebook can have a real effect on the number of customers your business attracts.


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