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Why your small business needs a WordPress site

More and more businesses are using blogs as a way to connect with their customers. Blogs give you the chance to talk about yourself, your unique approach and to show off your skills and experience to the customer while they’re still in the ‘checking you out’ phase. You’re reading our blog now, and that’s the start of what we hope will become a beautiful relationship.

Blogs are really just short articles that tell your customers something about your business. This could be an in-depth look at a product’s benefits or a list of reasons why you should (or shouldn’t) do something. Rather than being hard-sell, a good business blog tells your customer something they need to know and presents you in a good light. One of the biggest blog providers is WordPress, which is easy to use and customise thanks to its many themes and plug-ins which you can use to create the perfect site to showcase what you do.

Having a blog is a low-cost alternative to having your own website, but it can look just as impressive. Rather than having to hire someone to create your site and maintain it for you, by using WordPress, you can get a professional-looking website set up in just a few hours and it’s a breeze to keep it updated. WordPress comes with useful tools (called plug-ins) to help you with security, SEO and to integrate your site with things like MailChimp where you can manage your email contact list.

In addition to the blog itself, you can also create static pages where you can give contact information, show a product catalogue or embed a map to show customers how to find you. Plug-ins manage things like contact forms, which will automatically forward to the email address you choose. If you sell products online, there are also easy-to-set-up ecommerce stores available that link with PayPal to allow you to take online payments.

With more and more people using the internet to search for information, it makes sense for all businesses, no matter how small, to have their own website and WordPress is the perfect way to do that. To find out how we can help you get started and for advice on a range of web design resources, get in touch with us today.

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