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Simple Tips On Inexpensive Web Design And Marketing

The following are some suggestions for those researching efficient web design and marketing:

– Selling Something Direct? Use A Simple Means Of Purchase. An intermediary service like PayPal is perfectly good to begin with. If you have just a few products, their HTML buttons are a good way to test demand. When you make over $1000 a month, acquire your own merchant account.

– Beware The Latest $49/$97/$149 Software. There are a lot of internet marketers who’ve realised that a good way of making cash on the web is to hustle other web entrepreneurs, as there are thousands of them. This usually takes the form of packaging up, in a service or software, a wheeze that was novel six months ago. By the time Joe WebMaestro gets wind of it, it’s on the way out. Study it carefully before plonking down money for it. Look for independent reviews.

– Be First With A New, Popular Good (or a smarter second). MySpace wasn’t the first social networking site, but they did it better. They designed it to be viral. Members could compete to get ‘friends’, and everyone wants new friends, right? Users could put anything they wanted online, even if it looked cr*ppy. Censorship was minimal. Result: Huge popularity, without needing the search engines.

– Beware Of The Guru! There are hordes of semi-famous marketers and their fans out there selling videos, books and courses on how to earn lolly in internet marketing. They are marketing advice on how to do marketing! Nice work if you can get it. The best advice you can get about web marketing is on webmaster discussion boards. Even then, you need to use your own personal noise filter to winnow out the gems from the dross.

– Use A Popular, Inexpensive Web Host. Here are a few filtering criteria: Google PageRank of at least 5. Send them an email or two. See how long it takes to receive a response. They should have a forum (another indication of popularity and customer support). Umpteen features offered (MySQL databases, Cpanel, Fantastico). Recent positive reviews in webmaster message boards. Offers Linux servers (Windows costs more, and offers less). Fee per month can be as little as $10, and still have all the features above.

– Webhost Features. Most geeks prefer Unix. It’s been around longer, and is more stable. Web hosts offering Unix variants like Linux have always been less expensive. They also seem to offer a good deal more of toys. I need SSI (Server Side Includes), SSH (secure Telnet), 10 MySQL databases, Cpanel, PHPMyAdmin and a UK IP number. And you can get this for $15 a month. Things like MySQL databases, Cpanel and SSH access are real stumbling points for many web hosts. If they’re generous with these, you’ve found a rare jewel.

– Submit To The Top Web Directories, like Yahoo and DMOZ, but don’t spend much time or money. Only half a dozen are worth a damn for SEO purposes. You will only get an occasional visitor from these.

– Use Freelances For Jobs You Lack The Skills For. Is your budget tight? Try scriptlance.com or rentacoder.com. The key to acquiring the best work is to a) be as specific as possible as to what you want and b) write your specification in simple, concise terms. Your project will likely be done by somebody who’s native language is not English. Most clients give an inexact specification and receive work they’re displeased with. Pick somebody who’s had a lot of favourable reviews recently. Pay in stages. Use the freelance site’s escrow facility. Don’t expect to acquire more than you coughed up for, and don’t be a cheapskate; if somebody does an effective job, they deserve a bonus, not carping.

I hope these few handy tips will help you in getting handy web design and marketing done simply.

About the author: N. Svengali is an author for web site design consultant UK and UK consolidation loans internet sites in London.


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