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Signs your site needs a redesign

If your site is out of date, it could potentially be costing you a lot of money. Whilst your web design resources may be stretched, there are a lot of things you can be doing to future proof your site. With Google announcing that this year it will rank a site’s mobile effectiveness above the desktop version of the site, as a way of recognising that more people are accessing sites from mobile devices, the need to ensure your site is mobile ready is bigger than ever. Here are some signs to look out for on your site if you’re wondering whether or not it needs a redesign.

Not mobile friendly

By now, you should have ensured that your site is responsive so that it works on mobile devices. You have to also make sure that the mobile load times are good as Google will punish your site if users have to wait for parts of your site to load. Simple things like users being able to read your site from various devices will also come into play, so if you don’t have a responsive site, now’s the time to get one.

Falling traffic

Use Google Analytics to study the traffic coming into your website. Make sure you check the traffic over as long a period as possible and study how it rises and drops. If you notice that the amount of traffic is falling daily, then chances are it has something to do with your design. There’s no better way of putting visitors off than having a site that isn’t customer friendly.

Not ranking for your keywords

If you’ve targeted some keyword phrases that you want to rank on Google for and have taken steps to make that a reality, you should see the amount of organic traffic coming to your site increase. If over time, however, nobody visits the pages you have optimised and you leave them untouched, you may notice that you’re not ranking for your relevant keywords on Google or any other search engines. In this instance, the design of your site could be holding you back, so it may be time to think about a redesign with new keywords that could improve your conversion rate.

Decline in leads

Ultimately if you run a business website, your leads are what is going to give you a return on investment. If the ROI is not what you expect, it may be a sign that your leads are going to a competitor’s site. To help you stand out from the competition, you may need to think about a redesign to help you effectively compete with any rivals you may have within your industry.

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