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RockMelt – The ‘Social’ Browser

With the collaboration and sharing facilitated by ‘Web 2.0’ culture, it’s not a surprise that the way we interact with the Internet is changing. From netbooks to cloud computing, social media to shopping, the pace of change is relentless. The latest piece of software to undergo the ‘Web 2.0’ transformation is the browser, with RockMelt.

This offering is built on Google’s popular open source Chromium browser kit, but with some unique features that make RockMelt the first real ‘social browser’. There have been other attempts at this before, Flock for example, but nothing to match the level of sophistication of RockMelt.

As you can see from the screenshot above, thay have kept the minimalist look of Chrome, but have added two sidebars. These are always there as you browse, and give you all the social media functionality including page-specific tasks. The other change with RockMelt is that it’s all cloud based, saving your settings and favourites to be accessed from anywhere. Once you have logged in and connected to all of your social networks you can do the following:

– Update Twitter, Facebook, BoingBoing, LinkedIn and other profiles, as well as see live feeds for all in the right hand sidebar
– Add-on to Google search box which keeps results in a drop down list, allowing multiple results to be checked with ease
– A ‘share’ button to the right of the URL box, allowing you to share any site with anyone
– Friend bar on the left hand sidebar, showing all friends online throughout all social networks
– Drag and drop link sharing. Share any links, videos or pictures from the current page with online friends
– Instant chat with any online friends

I think the key to RockMelt is that it’s built on an already popular open source browser. For social media fans, of which there are a huge number, this represents an excellent set of add-on features to a browser that they already know. For me, Rockmelt is set to be the next big thing.


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