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Quick Start Guide for new Web Hosting Customers

Congratulations and thank you for setting up your new Web Hosting account with Pixel Internet. This guide is designed to point you in the right direction as you set up your new web hosting account.

All About Domains

To use your Web Hosting account with us you will need a domain name. Domain names can be ordered via your control panel at any time, or you can bring any existing domains you might have into your account with us. On-screen instructions will guide you through the transfer procedure every step of the way. .uk transfers can only succeed if the IPSTAG for the domain has been changed to first (more info here). The previous host or registry can make that change for you if required.

Customers can also use ‘Domain References’ to add their existing domains into their accounts. The use of a Domain Reference doesn’t bring the domains fully into an account, domain renewals will still be dealt with by the old registry and you’ll also need to organise the change of nameservers for your domain with the old host or registry as they will still control the domain. For those reasons we always recommend that customers fully transfer their domains into their account with us.

If you do choose to use a Domain Reference then you’ll also need our nameserver details to pass along to the previous host, who can make the necessary changes for you. Those nameservers are as follows:-


Setting up your Email Addresses

Next, you’ll want to configure email addresses on your domain. Login to your control panel, a number of icons and options will appear on the next screen. On the left you’ll see a link marked ‘Manage Hosting’. Click that to enter the Host Control Panel, from here you can select ‘Email Configuration’.

You’ll see the options to setup mailboxes; email forwarding; junk mail filters and so forth displayed there, along with on screen instructions on how to use each function. More detailed instructions on how to set your email program to use the settings you’ve created are stored inside the Support Database – a link for which is available in the menu on the left hand side of the your Control Panel. You’ll can also find a complete guide on this blog showing you exactly how to set up email on your computer, using Outlook Express.

Moving your Website Files into your Webspace

The next thing to do is to move the website files from your local computer to the hosting account. How you do this depends on the web design package you are using. Detailed instructions for the most popular FTP programs and web design packages, along with Movie Tutorials for some of them, are contained within the Support Database, a link for which is available in the menu on the left hand side of your Control Panel.

Regardless of which program you use on your local computer, you will need to know the details for the account to upload to. They include the FTP server name, your FTP username and your password. Those details are always displayed in the right column of your HOST control panel. This is accessible by select ‘manage hosting’ from within your control panel, so you can always get those details there. Your main FTP username is always your domain name. If your domain is very new or is yet to be transferred into your account, rather than use ftp.yourdomain.dom as the FTP name, you’ll need to use the temporary address supplied in the welcome email instead.

You’ll also find a File Manager inside your HOST Control Panel which can be used to move files onto the account, as well as a variety of other functions. Please note that your website files always need to be placed inside the public_html folder in the web hosting account for them to be found when you type in your domain name. A file called index.html will have been preloaded into your account, simply overwrite that file with your main page of your site.

Customers who are using the Web Builder will only need to use the Publish option inside the Web Builder itself. Detailed instructions on the use of the Web Builder are inside the specific Web Builder section of the Support Database, a link for which is on the left hand side of your Control Panel.

Customers should also be aware that filenames should be in lowercase whenever possible and should not use spaces or non-alphanumeric characters, this will avoid a variety of different problems some customers might experience, including missing graphics in their websites.

We would also ask customers not to delete any of the default files and folders they see in the main directory (also known as the root directory) as that might cause problems on their accounts.

Where do I go for help?

At Pixel Internet, we offer a very large and extensive Support Database, where the vast majority of questions are answered. Click on the ‘Support Database’ link on the left hand side of Control Panel and you’ll be able to search for help by keyword or by type of question.

We also offer support via a ticketing system at Pixel Internet so that we can ensure that all enquiries can be dealt with promptly and efficiently. You can raise a support ticket about any matter, by logging into your control panel and clicking on the Contact Support section. Our Technical Support team are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Please note that we are not able to offer help with web design problems, web development issues or problems with the use of any scripts that we do not provide.

However we are always adding new Web Hosting Tutorial and Help on the Pixel Internet Blog (where you are now)



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