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Quality content: a key contributor to SEO success

One of the most common mistakes in the online sphere is to see content marketing and SEO as entirely separate entities. Anyone with experience of the two can see how flawed this is: without content, there is no SEO.

A prime example is perhaps the most basic SEO tactic of all: keyword optimisation. Utilised again and again in successful content campaigns, it is the perfect boost to a business’ optimisation strategy. The same is true of that other SEO backbone: backlinks. Without a high quality body of content to link back to, it just doesn’t work.

So how can you use this knowledge to your advantage?

Google is programmed to deliver the most relevant and up-to-date results, and in order to count amongst these, you need a constant supply of fresh content. This is proven to index quickly, rank better, and be given priority over older alternatives.

Thus, by producing quality content for your marketing campaign, you improve your rankings without any extra effort. Include backlinks and keyword optimisation, and the result is even more impressive.

You needn’t take our word for this: the statistics speak for themselves. Time and time again, content marketing efforts have been proven to positively impact search engine ranking factors.

Although many of these remain a mystery, the latest study by Moz (a web design resource on the internet) identified several factors directly impacted by content marketing campaigns: page level keyword and content based features, engagement and traffic, and page level social metrics.

The first of these covers a number of content relevant features, such as on-page keyword optimisation, and the quantity and quality of copy. Considering that the latter are the foundations of any successful marketing campaign, and that keyword utilisation is a frequently employed tactic, you can start to see how this drives SEO success. In the same vein, page level social metrics, engagement, and traffic can all be driven by a cleverly created content marketing campaign.

This means one very important thing: that the differences between the two are minimising with every algorithm update. Success is thus being measured by a new and exciting yardstick – the ability to develop the two strategies sympathetically to deliver improved results in both spheres.

SEO by theglobalpanorama licensed under Creative commons 5


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