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Personal Domain Name – same as a Corporate Domain Name?

Computer Users involved in the web industry will understand the concept of a web domain. In fact, anyone who uses the internet has typed in a domain name at some point. Google.com being very popular domain names used by many on a daily basis. Let’s discuss the idea of a personal domain name versus corporate domain registration. Those who think this is confusing need not be. They are essentially the same thing but a different way of thinking in how the domain name will be used.

Personal domain name

As the title suggests, a personal domain name is for the person looking to set up a web site for non commercial reasons. This can be for a personal photo album, personal resume online or used to register their given name to use for email purposes. You can find many places offering cheap domains and these are the best way to get your own domain name. After that you just need an affordable web hosting solution.

Registering a Corporate domain name

This is for the corporations like Amazon (amazon.com), Dell (dell.com) and Flickr (flickr.com). They are registering the domain names as a corporation to use for business branding. In today’s world all corporations need a web domain so you need a domain name that matches your brand.

What is the difference then between a personal web name and a corporate domain name. Just the end use of the domain name. The same web domains cost the same and can be had with a number of cheap domain name registration providers.

The cost of Domains can vary based on the Top Level Domain (TLD) extension you choose. When registering corporate domains, you will likely purchase the .com extension, and for local branding you may register a .co.uk for someone in the United Kingdom. Selecting a personal domain name can be many extensions, but even for personal registrations .com is the first choice. The very popular .Me extension is also being used for personal domains to express themselves.

Whether its corporate or personal reasons you are registering your domain name, find the most affordable domain name provider that offers an affordable, yet reliable solution. After all, support is needed at times and providers offering 24×7 support is very helpful after you have registered your domain name, for corporate or personal reasons.


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