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One click install scripts updated to latest versions

We’ve recently upgraded all of our free one click install scripts that we provide to all our web hosting customers…

The following scripts have all been updated…

Crafty Syntax: v2.16.3
Drupal: v6.14
Elgg: v1.6.1
MediaWiki: v1.15.1
Nucleus: v3.51
Osticket: v1.6RC5
PHPcoin: v1.6.5
Roundcube: v0.3.1
Typo3: v4.3.0
Wordpress: v2.8.6

This now completes our latest updates and all scripts provided via the Host control panel are on the latest versions!

Enjoy :)

Image By: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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