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Multi Domain Hosting and the Concept behind it

If you are on a shoestring budget, and want to start a web hosting business, then the best option you have with yourself is multi domain hosting.It is possible to host more than one domain using a single hosting account in multi domain hosting.So if you want to start such a web hosting business, you have to first get a multiple domain name hosting account.

With multi domain hosting, you get an account where you create 6 or more websites and then you can develop one for your personal use and let your clients use the remaining five sites, at a cost.

All you have to pay in multi domain hosting is your regular fees to the web host and collect fees from your clients for the remaining sties. When you rent your sites to your clients, you still maintain the administrative control over the sites. Basically, you create a subfolder under your main domain, which contains everything like the main domain.

Your web host has to give you a control panel with complete administrative facilities that help you manage your multi domain hosting.You can request for individual control panels for the websites you provide your clients.

You have to specify on this point to the web host as there are many web hosting companies that don’t give you individual control panels for the domains you receive. These companies usually give only one control panel which is used to manage all these domains.

The advantage of multi domain hosting is that you get to completely use all the web hosting space that is provided to you.Multi domain hosting is the preferred hosting option for web designers as they can buy a single plan and then share their storage space into various accounts for their respective clients.The web designer’s web hosting costs are reduced considerably while their clients have no control over their websites.


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