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Microsoft launches ‘softwear’

In all honesty I don’t think anyone saw this one coming. A Microsoft clothing range! The aim of launching

this new clothing range is to re-capture the geeky  fashion of the 1980’s when people first caught eye of Microsoft. One of the t-shirts features a mug shot of Bill Gates, with seven other designs, embellished by ‘retro logos’. The range of t-shirts will be available in selected computer stores for Christmas for about £10. Microsoft are quoted as describing the clothing line as ‘fashion that taps into the nostalgia of when PCs were just starting to come into people lives’.

The original advertising campaign featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld failed to inspire people to go out and buy Microsoft products so this is their latest attempt to try and get people to buy brand products.

Of course you can expect a retaliation from Mac users. The original Mac adverts featuring Michell and Webb were very well done and have only cemented their reputation as reliable, efficient and fun machines. Let’s see how these t-shirts get on!


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