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Microsoft considering thousands of redundancies

Microsoft’s 3,000 employees in the UK face losing their jobs as the software giant is considering a plan for multiple redundancies to help ease the pressure of the credit crisis. As much as 17% of its global workforce could be sacked over a short space of time and it would be the first mass lay-off in the company’s 32 year history. Across the world, up to fifteen thousand jobs could be at risk.

Microsoft have refused to comment on the situation and there is no guarantee on where the company will be making the cuts. Considering that customer expenditure has slowed there is no real surprise that Microsoft sales have dropped accordingly. According to analysts the sales of their operating systems, Windows XP and Windows Vista have dropped dramatically and they have therefore been forced to drop the price of some of their commercial software such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

Microsoft are due to report their earnings for the final three months of 2008 on January 21st however it is predicted that they will announce plans to cut down on jobs within the next couple of weeks.


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