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Managing SEO expectations

SEO is capable of delivering the most cost effective online marketing available, it drives as much as three hundred percent more traffic to websites than social media does and it represents a valuable way of establishing long term benefits.

Sometimes however, the nature of SEO can be misunderstood, and some SEO agencies perpetuate this by making impossible claims and promises such as receiving huge increases in traffic overnight, ranking first in a certain number of weeks or that the SEO service they roll out will last forever. These are not just un-achievable, they are a basic misunderstanding of what SEO is and how it works.

The initial benefits of SEO may not surface for the first few weeks which is perfectly normal, it usually takes a few months for noticeable benefits to surface and as long as a year for it to come to full fruition. In fact, a study by Ahrefs found that the majority of Google’s high ranking pages were at least three years old and that less than a quarter of them were created in the last year. This is not what some people want to hear and unfortunately there are some SEO agencies that are willing to tell them whatever they want to hear to get their business.

SEO is not a simple act which is done overnight, it is an ongoing process that takes time. There is no “trick” or “magic wand” that is going to send your page to the top of every search engine; it is an investment of time and money. Although the algorithms that dictate SEO are constantly evolving, the premise of how it works remains relatively unchanged, Google will always want to link to good, solid and honest content.

The best starting point is to have well written content on your website that looks attractive, works as it should and works across various platforms such as mobile and tablet. Use creative key words and variations of them, make sure that you include the neighbourhood of your town or city and don’t be afraid of being specific. If you think about your key demographic and what they are looking for you really cannot go wrong.


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SEO by http://tvorbaweb-stranok.sk licensed under Creative commons 4


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