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Looking the part: five simple visual tips for WordPress sites

WordPress provides many powerful customisation options, and it’s easy to get a little carried away and forget some simple design concepts. Bear these five things in mind and you’ll be well on your way to creating a clear, user-friendly site.

1. What, and who, is the site for?

This sounds obvious, but it’s wise to consider your audience. Do some homework and you’ll see a dedicated entertainment blog is going to be very different to an e-commerce site in both form and function – what kind of layouts and colours work best? Have a look what your competitors are doing.

2. Pinning your colours to the mast

Colours are tricky – it’s as easy to use too much distracting colour as it is to make a site monochrome and boring. A good way to think about that happy middle ground involves call to action buttons, because they need to stand out.

Essentially, these need to be a colour that stands out, without being too jarring. If you can’t work out a good colour for a call to action button, it might be wise to revisit your overall scheme.

3. Navigation: clarity is king

Nobody likes dense lists with obscure or “quirky” section names. Keep titles simple and clearly show where people are with bold text, contrasting colour tabs, and other obvious visual clues. It’s a good idea to keep these menu tabs in an easy to spot place too, like the top of the page. It just makes things easier to find when people scan your pages.

4. Include plenty of pictures

Speaking of scanning pages – people don’t stop to read reams of text. Images help convey selling points, themes or concepts quickly and easily, so use them! Besides, the right picture instantly makes a site a little more striking.

5. Make sure it works

WordPress is great at allowing you to try things out before making them public. Don’t be afraid to tweak them if they aren’t working, or maybe even get others to test the site. Keep at it, and you’ll soon have an easy-to-use site that’s just as easy on the eye.

WordPress Stickers Everywhere by teamstickergiant licensed under Creative commons 4


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