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Let’s tweet! How to increase your business’ Twitter following

More and more businesses are beginning to realise just how fruitful a tool Twitter can be, as it enables them to reach a large number of people for next to no cost.

There are plenty of social media guides out there, but here are five tips you’d be a fool not to take note of.

1. Embed, embed, embed

A social media analytics report by Buffer.com showed that tweets which contain embedded images achieve an average increase in clicks by 18%, 150% more retweets, and 89% more likes. Create a photo library for Twitter, make sure that it’s varied and try to amass a collection of as many photos of your product, your employees, and frankly anything linked to what you’re selling, as possible. Again, remember that comedy sells, and originality is important. Get embedding, and always ensure the image is a reasonably high resolution.

2. Your ‘about me’

Who are you? Remember to include what you do, in terms of the product or service you offer! Be as informative as possible, in order to appear genuine – ‘parody’ accounts abound on Twitter.

3. #Hashtag

Check what’s trending before every tweet. If you can somehow link what you’re tweeting about to a current trending topic, do so and don’t forget to include the hashtag. Moreover, feel free to sometimes recycle old tweets or links to your work should they fit a trending hashtag, just don’t overdo it.

Note too that you can check what’s trending locally (or in basically any location) so if you operate a business which offers services or products locally, then adjust this first.


Retweets are vital and if the right person retweets one of yours at the right time, then you’re in the money; money in this instance being additional followers, of course.

5. Get your (user)name out there. Digital meets physical.

If you send out company newsletters to customers, include your Twitter profile. If you send out advertising leaflets, do the same. Putting up posters? Your Twitter profile better be on there somewhere. Include your Twitter username on your business cards, too. The more eyes that know you’re active on the social networking site, the better.


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