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Keeping your website backed up

backupBacking up your website is a lot like buying insurance, you know you should but it’s one of those things you put off because nothing has happened yet which surely means you don’t need it, right?. Wrong… Don’t wait for something to happen, if the unlikely was to happen and your site was to have a critical failure and you lose some or all of your data, you’ll soon wish you had taken a few minutes our of your day to make a backup!

Backing up your website is completely free at Pixel Internet, and can be completed really quickly and easy via your Host control panel. To make sure you always have the latest version of your site we strongly recommend you back up your website using this facility whenever you make a change to your website.

Backing up your website files:
– Log in to your Host control panel
– In ‘files’ click on ‘backup/ restore’
– Follow the on screen instructions

Backing up your database:
As with our web files back up service through your Host control panel, you can also back up your MySQL databases with just one click!

– Log in to your Host control pane
– In ‘Web tools’ click on ‘MySQL Databases’
– In ‘Manage MySQL Databases’ choose which databases you want to back up and click ‘Now’

You can also download and store a local copy of your database through phpMyAdmin using the ‘Export’ function.

Backing up your website and databases literally takes a couple of clicks of the mouse and can save a lot of pain and heartache down the line!  Why not setup a reminder on your phone or in Outlook so you don’t forget to run a backup.



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