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Is the iphone unbeatable?

A report published by mobile advertiser AdMob showed that UK adverts during the month of November were pushing for more wide spread wi-fi technology for hand held devices such as the iphone and the new Blackberry. The report has emerged from claims that users of the iphone in particular prefer to wi-fi technology rather than 3G which has proved to be extremely un-stable and unreliable.

According to research, iphone wifi usage accounts for 78.5% of internet use on phones in the US with roughly 154 million people active on the device which is more than all the other manufacturers put together. The new Google Android phone only represented 2% of wifi users in America which is not exactly what T-Mobile were anticipating when launching the phone over two months ago.

There is no doubt in our minds that the iphone will again be top of the most wanted mobile phone list for next year. It is light-years ahead of any other phone currently available on the market at the moment and it is hard to imagine anything knocking off that top spot!


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