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Is spam worth it?

A recent survey has discovered that the spam network ‘storm’ are making millions of dollars by only getting one in every 12.5 million spam emails that they send out every day. Researchers from the University of California have carried out a spam study by hacking into the infamous storm network. By using ‘proxy bots’ they set up their own spam campaign advertising herbal health tablets. The students from the University of California had set up a hypothetical company to entice people to order their products. If anyone clicked on the advert they would immediately be re-directed to a broken link page to save anyone actually entering their credit card details.

The researches sent roughly 350 million email messages over 26 days, which resulted in only 28 sales. The response rate for the campaign was only 0.00001%. Direct mail campaigns aim for about 2.15% success rate.

However even though the researches said that the conversion rate was so low they claimed that companies like storm network could still be making up to £1.5 million a week. As the researchers only sent out 350 million emails they claim that the storm network could be sending out ten times as many emails in the space of a week.


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