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Hype: Building Animations With HTML5 Instead Of Flash

“It’s pretty clear HTML5 is the future of the web” says Jonathan Deutsch, co-owner and founder of tech startup Tumult, who have just released the Hype app on Apple’s iTunes App Store, “The problem is that there are no good designer apps for creating animations in HTML5 like there are for Flash.”

The team hope to have solved that problem with Hype, which allows you to create complex, bespoke animations in HTML5 using an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. The app utilises WebKit to render pages, and is designed in such a way that it’s extremely easy to learn – allowing even beginners with a basic knowledge of presentation programs (such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple’s own Keynote) to produce impressive looking animations.

The application utilises drag-and-drop functionality, requiring no knowledge of coding. The user is initially presented with a blank canvas and an empty timeline, from where you can drag and drop images, text and video and arrange them as required. When it comes to animating the elements, you can either manually add, remove and re-arrange keyframes as required, or you can take advantage of Hype’s Record function, which will watch what you’re doing and automatically create animation keyframes.

“This is a very designer friendly process,” says Deutsch, “The intuitive recording interface means you don’t have laboriously place every individual keyframe. You just hit record, move your objects and go.”

The developers of Hype have also worked extremely hard to ensure that the created animations can be used for all forms of browsers, including mobile devices. Hype outputs not only in HTML5, but also in CSS3 and Javascript, giving an extremely high level of fidelity across all browsers – if the CSS3 transitions aren’t supported in a particular browser for example, the application will ‘fall back’ onto Javascript-based animations. In the rare instance that none of the fall back options are compatible, Hype will let you know via browser incompatibility warnings.

Hype is currently available for $29.99 via the App Store; although this price is set to increase in the near future.



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