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How to optimise your website for Google and Bing

Many people understand the importance of optimising a website to ensure it has a great position on Google; however, many forget about other popular search engines. Google might be the largest and most popular search engine, but you may also be surprised to know that it only equates to around 60% of total search engine usage. After YouTube, Bing is the third largest search engine website, with many dedicated users. The Bing website uses different algorithms to decide the position of a website in its search results. The key to quick and simple optimisation on both Google and Bing is ensuring you take advantage of the similarities and differences in the way they work.

The main similarities

Both websites value excellent quality backlinks and also internal links, which make a website easy to navigate. If your business covers a certain geographical area, you should include specific keywords relating to the local area, as both search engines are designed to find local results for their users.

Authority and domains

Although both search engines value quality backlinks, Bing usually chooses to rank older domains with authoritative extensions such as .edu and .gov as being more important. If you have not yet picked a domain you should consider using keywords relating to your industry and location, as both search engines will rank a relevant domain highly.

Flash content

If you feature a vast amount of flash content on your website, Google will struggle to pick up the content. However, Bing values pages with flash content and will provide them with a higher listing than Google. Visual content such as images and videos will work well on both search engines.

Keywords and phrases

When planning keywords, local companies which are not well-known brands will struggle to appear above popular brands. Bing, on the other hand, will always choose the locality of a business over a competing well-known brand. If you are wording your content to make the most of this on Bing, it is important to use keywords and phrases in their exact form. Google is better at picking up the content of a phrase in which a keyword is used but Bing struggles, the easier you make it, the higher you will rank.

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