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How to Fix “Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site- Operation Aborted” Error


Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site- Operation Aborted

The nature of error is that it shows up when the page loads (or tries to load). The above image is what you see when the error occurs, if you click ok, you get a 404 Page cannot be found.

We experiences this error first hand and did some digging on Google. We found an interesting article written by Nirmal at www.nirmaltv.com (so really we credit this article to him…).

There are many scenarios that can cause this error which occurs on in IE. Microsoft has even issues a patch for solving  it.

For us, the error was being caused by calling a piece of Javascript within a page (after the <body> tag). What puzzled us it we have done this on many occasions in the past and never experienced the error, anyway that’s IE for you.  Adding the defer=”defer” tag to the script quickly resolved the issue.

<script  defer=”defer”  bla bla></script>

Another fix would be to move the script calling into the header of the page (in the <head> tag) although this is not always possible depending on the way your website is build.

Another  example of this error is when Google Map API code is being used. If you are getting this error because of Google Map API, then the fix for the problem is available here.

Hope that helps someone! :-)


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