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How Businesses Market Themselves

Companies need to get their names out there. You can have a well marketed, high quality product, but if people don’t trust your company then it will be much harder to sell them your products. This is why companies like Nike or Worden Telechart work so hard to protect their brands. Business like these can put millions of dollars towards making themselves notable by a small graphic or symbol. That image tells people that the product they are purchasing is of a great quality and it can be trusted to do what it says it does. It is rational that a company doesn’t want manufacturers getting in the way of their strong brand because then people might see the product as less valuable.

That leads to the question about why all companies don’t establish a brand. Well there are a few reasons for this. To begin, creating a brand can be prohibitively costly. It can cost millions of dollars of investment to establish even a modestly recognizable brand. That brand is fragile and can be destroyed by a few stupid mistakes or poor products. Also, not every business wants a brand attached to their products. For example if a company makes a low-quality product they don’t want people to think they are going to buy another junk product from that company. Why would you want to build a brand in that case? Simply you wouldn’t.

Another great type of companies that like to build their brands are market investing companies. That type of company usually has a strong brand for the reason that that is how they make money, through their reputation. People allow investing companies to handle their money because they have had strong returns in the past. If companies didn’t have this type of reputation they could just do it alone with some simple stock trading software.

Anyway you slice it, branding is important to many companies. It is the main way a company can market the brand they control, and thus sell the products to make their revenues. That is why the law protects company brands so strongly.


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