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Help Japan With Your Website

In the wake of one of the worst natural disasters, Japan is in a bad state. The fifth largest earthquake in history left much of the island in ruins, and the resulting tsunami caused as much damage again and was felt all around the world. This is obviously being made a lot worse by the deteriorating state of the Fukushima Daiich nuclear plant, which has the potential to make this a lot worse for all of us.

With the Internet and social media now acting more and more as a voice for the people, here it is being used to help. The ‘Hello Bar’ is  a product from Digital Telepathy, and floats along the top of your page discreetly displaying a message and a link. It can be used for anything; displaying a welcome message, telling jokes or in this case trying to raise money for a good cause.

Digital Telepathy are currently only beta testing this hello bar, but with the tragedy abroad you can sign up now by using the code ‘HELP JAPAN’. This will give you access to the code snippet you have to embed in your site, and it is all very easy. Other great features include the bar initally displaying then hiding itself, run multiple hello bars on one site and control them from one dashboard, and the option to install on WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger blogs. Once you feel you have raised enough funds / awareness for Japan, why not change it to another good cause?


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