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Google Goggles Solves Sudoku

As Google’s Android operating system continues to battle to catch the iPhone, they are coming up with some great apps. The huge head start that Apple had has meant that Google have been pushing themselves to develop better software. A great example of this is the new Google Goggles app, version 1.3, demonstrated recently by the Google team. This app utilises technology that intelligently interprets photos taken through the camera, for a range of new applications. You can now:

– Scan Barcodes
This is an old technology now, but provides a handy reference. You can scan any barcode and see search results to find information, pricing or reviews. Useful if you’re out and about.

– Photograph Print Ads
Originally started as a marketing experiment by Google, this technology extracts text or shapes from an advert then displays search results around the subject or brand. Claiming to ‘move offline media to online’, it’s going to be interesting to see the results. They claim that soon it will work for any printed graphics.

– Sudoku Help
There is now a digital way to help out with the favourite brainteaser. If you’re stuck, simply take a photo of the puzzle and Google Goggles will help out, solve it for you or offer you hints.

Read more about it and watch a video of the sudoku-solving on their blog, and you can see some more features below:


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