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Google Challenges You To Hack Chrome

In the current Internet based world, online business reaches new levels each year. For this reason, Internet security is taken ever more seriously. Every year new threats emerge that exploit either badly written or hastily put together code, and due to the pace of technological development, this is happening more often.
Hewlett Packard and Google are just two of the many big names that are investing in the would be hackers of the future, and exploiting their skills. Hewlett packard run an annual competition known as ‘Pwn2Own’, run from March 9-11 in Vancouver this year, in which contestants are challeneged to hack various devices and win prizes.

This year the challenges posted will have a mobile theme, and will include trying to break:

– Blackberry Torch 9800 running Blackberry 6 OS
– iPhone 4 running iOS
– Nexus S running Android
– Venue Pro running Windows 7

Although this may seem frivilous, and giving potentially dangerous programmers good practice, it does have it’s uses. It is cleverly used by large companies to test the durability of their soft and hardware. Having the best hacking minds in the business test their programs in a controlled environment gives invaluable information on the hardy-ness of the product. Google has been exploting the vast amount of interested users of their products as an army of testers for a long time now. They offer a reward program for finding bugs within their programs, so hope that no-one will be able to meet this latest challenge.

Google has added to the Pwn2Own prize fund with an extra $15,000 challenge. This is to hack the Chrome browser, using either a Sony Vaio, an Alienware M11X, or an Apple MacBook Air. Due to the unfinished nature of the Chome OS notebooks, Google put the proviso of the use of these other notebooks, and is fairly sure that no-one will be able to do it.

If you fancy a go, send an email to ZDI@tippingpoint.com and you’ll be allocated a random half hour slot to hack to your hearts content!


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