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Google Alerts – Who’s Talking About Your Website?

Ever wondered who is talking about your website? It would be great to know, wouldn’t it??

There are many site publishing tools, like WordPress for example, that offer ‘trackback’ notifications, but they only catch incoming links and even then its not always 100% reliable. You can also trawl through your favourite search engine, but that’s not practical and what if someone is talking about you without linking to your website?

This is where Google’s Alerts tool come in handy, it’s a cool little tool that makes it possible to find out exactly when someone has written about your website and whether or not they link back to it. Best of all though, it’s absolutely free!

So what can Google Alerts do?

  1. Find out who’s talking about your website
  2. Find out what your competitor’s are doing online
  3. Find out if your site has been hacked (instructions below)
  4. Discover new niches or blog topic ideas

To get more Alerts search term tips, visit Google’s More Search Help page.  Have fun!


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