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How to get fancy fonts to fit in with your site – for free!

Are you writing a blog or designing a website and can’t find the right font? Are Arial and Helvetica just not getting the job done?

Few people realise the wealth of modern, free to use fonts that are available online through Google Fonts [https://www.google.com/fonts]. This incredible resource has more than 800 fonts available at any time, and can be used to tie in with any website or theme.

Think about your font

When you’re thinking about your web design, fonts often don’t come high on the list. The most pressing concerns always seem to be images, colours and themes. But if you really stop to think about what your website is used for, you’ll see that font is incredibly important, especially in terms of creating an impression.

Whether you’re trying to sell a product, asking people to make an enquiry about your service or just running an entertaining or informative blog, fonts are absolutely key in making sure you get the message across clearly.

Give the right impression

You may not realise it, but a font also gives an impression about a website. Have you ever clicked on to a site which looks modern but then realised all the text is in Times New Roman? Chances are you clicked away or at the very least it affected your opinion of that company’s image.

Choosing a font can be a minefield as there are thousands to choose from, so how do you make sure to get the right font?

Firstly make sure you are choosing something easy to read. Remember, your website won’t only be shown on a full scale desktop screen. Most consumers these days come to websites through mobile or tablets, so it has to scale well.

Test it out in Google. One of the best features of Google Fonts is the ability to type whatever you like into the test box and see how it looks before choosing your style.

And lastly, get the size, thickness and style correct for your website. This just helps to tie the whole theme together.

So now you have a few pointers, go on and pick the right font for your site!

Font by Marco / Zak licensed under Creative commons 6


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