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Free Keyword Software – Which One Should You Use

A quick google search for Free Keyword Software will reveal hundreds of keyword research tools.So which one should you choose?  Well, you may actually need more than one because all keyword software is not created the same.  Some Free tools generate massive keyword lists but don’t provide much keyword research capability.  Other tools provide extensive keyword research but are limited by the number of keywords per list they will generate.  Yet still others provide a “spy” feature so that you can view your competitor’s keywords and, on some tools, the paid ads that correspond to them.  The choices and possibilities are nearly endless.

When selecting Free Keyword Software you should first decide what your overall goal for the keywords must accomplish.  If you simply want to generate massive lists of keywords then you will need a tool that provides you with the capability of harvesting hundreds of thousands of keywords.  Free Tools like Wordtracker and Traffic Travis have the capability of generating large keyword lists. If you want to “spy” on your competition and build your lists from the keywords your competitors are using then you will need a keyword tool that digs into your competitors ads and keywords.  Spy tools such as PPC Web Spy, Keyword Spy and Spy Fu all have their own unique approach to revealing the keywords of your competitors.  An advantage of using spy keyword software such as this is that hopefully the competitors you choose to spy on and swipe their keywords have already done the necessary research to select the most profitable keywords.

The remaining type of keyword software you may want to consider begins to move away from the free keyword software and are paid for versions.The paid for versions come with a number of advanced features…some not only generate keyword lists for you but also perform keyword analysis, competitor spying, ppc information, and can being to group you keywords into ad groups, generate the ads and even upload them to yuor google account.  All this while creating and importing keyword relevant articles and associating them with an adsense and affiliate website template that can then be uploaded to your web server.  These Keyword tools do exist however they are not free.  Keyword Elite is one such program – it is an awesome program and worth the investment if you are building adsense or affiliate sites.  It will save you hours of research time.

A final thought is that you may want to consider downloading a couple free tools and maybe a few paid-for versions to use in combination with each other.  Most full-time internet marketers use multiple keyword tools for their keyword research and keyword generation.


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