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Finding free-to-use images for your website

Buying stock photography for your site can quickly become extremely expensive. With some of the biggest photo agencies charging £10 or more for the most basic image, if you’re looking to populate a large website with photography, the costs can soon add up.

We’ve got a run down of some of the best places for finding free stock images and web design resources online:


One of the most powerful tools that you have for finding free-to-use images is the Google image search function, which combs huge swathes of the internet. By refining the search (go into Tools, then Usage Rights) you can use it to find images which are labelled for reuse, or labelled for non-commercial reuse depending on your needs.


Freepik has a great selection of free vectors, photos and icons for use in web design – for most of the content you simply have to credit the creator. You can narrow down searches into the exact type of content that you’re after, and there’s a huge quantity of material just waiting to be used. It’s especially good for graphics elements, for use in Photoshop and other editing software.


Like Freepik, Pixabay also offers a large quantity of images which are free for you to publish on your website. Where Freepik specialises more in illustrations and vectors, Pixabay is perhaps slightly stronger for photography, with a larger catalogue.


Amateur and professional photographers from around the world upload their work to Flickr, and many tag their work with a Creative Commons License, meaning it’s often free to re-use as long as you credit the photographer. It can be an excellent resource when looking for more obscure photography. 

Local students

If your business is one which might benefit from some more original photography, it might be possible to hire a local college student to take some photos for you to use – you can pay them a nominal sum and they get paid work to add to their portfolio, so it’s a win-win situation. 

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Holding olympus by Нugо licensed under Creative commons 5


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