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Fancy A Free Netbook From Google?

Google is constantly evolving, as you would expect from a company that has to update it’s algorithm more than once a year. The latest offering is an extension of the increasingly popular Chrome browser, a lightweight Chrome operating system. Google is soon to launch this new breed of exclusively Chrome based netbooks later in 2010. The Cr-48 (atomic symbol for Chromium) netbook is apparently ‘the first of it’s kind’, and they’re currently running a pilot program.

In an interesting testing idea, you sign up online and answer a questionnaire, and if you are selected your new netbook will appear out of the blue at your house. The testing program is completely free, but you have to agree to use it as your primary computer and give regular feedback. You can find out more information and sign up here

The lightweight netbook boasts the following features:

– A claimed 10 second boot up time

– Buttonless Apple style trackpad

– Built-in WiFi and 3G

– Integrated webcam

– 12 inch vibrant LCD display

– Low 1.7kg weight

As with many Google products, it also includes a few wacky ideas. For instance, there is no ‘caps lock’ button on this netbook. In a bid to STOP PEOPLE COMMENTING ALL IN CAPITALS, they’ve left it out. There is still a shift button, so you’ll now need agile fingers to keep it up. The rumour is that there are 60,000 netbooks up for grabs, so sign up now and see if Google fancies you!


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